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At present, the way to achieve the American Dream – US Permanent Resident Card is no longer as easy as before, but immigration policy is tightened and changed every day. However, despite many difficulties, the proportion of people who want to immigrate to the US has increased. So to be able to receive a permanent resident card of the US, what are the immigration programs? This article, Mattlaw wants to advise on the US immigration program

The US is a country with the leading economy in the world, with a stable growth rate, not much affected by the world economic recession. On the ranking of 10 powerful economic groups in the world, the US holds up to 4 positions.

Thanks to the reasonable population distribution and planning, although it is an industrial country with a highly developed economy, the environment, air and water resources in the US are almost not affected by economic growth. The United States is still a place with a clean climate, with abundant food and guaranteed quality, which are always closely monitored.

The educational system is invested completely from the facilities to the quality of training at the best level. With 77 universities in the top 200 best schools in the world. Owning an American university degree means that your future door is always open, bright, and an easy path to promotion anywhere in the world.

As a civilized – modern nation, everyone respects each other’s individual freedoms. Laws are enacted in the US, with only one general purpose being to bring a free life, to seek happiness for the people.

The US is a place with high quality of life, from housing, health care, social security, etc., are focused, supported by the government and set the best norms.

The transport system and public service are always focused and upgraded regularly to ensure the best service for the people’s life.

As a country with the largest number of immigrants in the world, however, the US government’s policies always ensure the interests of the people. All citizens are treated equally, whether they are immigrants or indigenous.

1. Apply for a work visa in the US right after graduation

There are many types of visas to apply to work in the US, including work visas and temporary work visas.
For a work visa means that after you graduate you can apply to work for a company then you will apply for a permanent residence visa here under the company’s guarantee but you need to consider carefully about This problem is because most companies in the US only hire experienced people, and for new graduates, it will be difficult for you so you should consider this issue carefully.

As for the temporary work visa, also known as the H-1B visa. Specifically, this type of visa is that you will continue to participate in a training program in the US under the guarantee of a company. With this type of visa you are entitled to stay in the US for up to 3 years and can be extended for up to 6 years. The problem here is that you have to get a job at a company and this company will take care of you to have a Green Card (Green Card) and staying in the US is not a difficult issue when applying for an H1B visa.


However, the application process for this type of visa is very complicated and cumbersome because as well as the work visa you will be quite difficult to find a job because the recruitment problem will be very difficult when you are a student. tablets.

2. Register to participate in OPT program

According to the experience of studying in the US from international students, the OTP program is a quite effective way for you to settle in the US after graduation.

The content of this program you can apply for research in which field you are studying. This is called an F-1 visa, you will have the maximum time to study in this country for a maximum of 1 year and if you intend to live here, you can apply for OTP (Optional Practical. Training) but before that you have to get the school’s DSO (DSO means nominee to help and manage for foreign students). The university will then send your request to SEVIS, and if you are accepted, an I-20 immigration document will be issued.

3. Married to a person of US nationality

Getting married for immigration is one of the most popular options. After you have registered your marriage in the United States, you can apply for visa conversion and permanent residence registration or receive a green card, it will only take you 30 to 45 days to wait to receive your green card.

The shares from USIS Education hope to help you get the options to immigrate to the US that match the likelihood of greater success. But for any form, there will be its own pros and cons, so please consider carefully before choosing a friend.

If you still have questions related to studying abroad in the US in general, as well as issues such as applying for a US student visa, a scholarship to study in the US or other related issues, do not hesitate to ask questions about private services. Usis Education’s US study abroad consultation to get a team of leading experts to advise you quickly and completely. Good luck!


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